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Where’s the shadow?
She might know.
Where’s her bright light
In my heart to point the way to go?
Through some new fate
We might see another day
Though the future’s dark
There’s one thing crystal clear
That I need you here.

you alone can make my song take flight

“I have heard this all before, Monsieur,” she reminded him. “Les trois glorieuses, when the automatons destroyed half of Paris-Encore and Charles fled to New Britain. Louis-Philippe promised a better world, but we only got more of the old one, only this time our homes were destroyed and we had to start from scratch… And now here you and your friends are, preparing to bring the world crashing down again.”

Enjolras scowled. “We are more in the right than Louis-Philippe ever was. History will prove that.”

Unexpectedly, Éponine grinned. “History occurs in cycles. That is the one thing that will never change. History is revolution and aftermath.”

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Enjonine art swap - [line art by Barriss & colors by HiHiyas]

So Sabrina and I got inspired by this art swap post by tumblr user hamstr (whose fan art I adore) who collaborated with her friends pilferingapples and irenydrawsdeadpeople to draw the barricade boys. We decided to draw Enjonine fan art for the other to color. I… kinda took forever to finish my end because of RL things, but I finally managed to finish coloring Sabrina’s art this weekend! 

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you’re my holy wine 
you’re so bitter, bitter and so sweet
oh, i could drink acase of you darling
still i’d be on my feet
i would still be on my feet

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Samantha Barks in 2013

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New still of Samantha Barks as Emily Barstow in ‘The Christmas Candle’

New still of Samantha Barks as Emily Barstow in ‘The Christmas Candle’

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